Alliance for Business Leadership MA

  • Creating sustainable growth for everyone in Massachusetts. What we believe: That social responsibility and the sustainable growth of the Massachusetts economy go hand in hand. There is value in bringing progressive business leaders together with policymakers and thought leaders to discuss the issues, opportunities, and challenges facing Massachusetts. There is a need for a strong, organized business voice advancing a progressive public policy agenda. ( Website )

The North Shore Technology Council

  • Town Elections ( under the banner is a link to a “list of town/city elections in MA" )
  • Millie Manning’s Town Elections spreadsheet, but it might be locked; if you are able to view, please be sure to credit Millie when doing so: ( Google Doc )
  • Massachusetts Voting Record - see which towns are red ( Town Voter History )
  • Town Green 2025 - The mission of TownGreen2025 is to create a carbon footprint for Gloucester and Cape Ann that is as low as possible. We believe Cape Ann can become a model of how one can achieve a clean energy and sustainable community in a decade. ( Website )
  • Massachusetts Democratic Caucuses - I'm told you need not be enrolled as a democrat before, but can change enrollment to democrat at your city/town caucus. ( Caucus Schedule )