At EC#6, we are committed to sharing our message and our passion in a variety of different ways. By amplifying our voices, we believe that our message will be heard locally, in Boston and in Washington. 

Opening Stories/Speeches and Discussion Prompts

  • Music and poetry are an essential element of our monthly meetings, because they speak to our emotional experience and can both activate and transcend our intellectual perception of the cultural moment;
  • Launching EC#6's very own Piggy Bank Lobby.  A movement to raise awareness about the powerful role of money in politics, this project invites kids to make piggy banks, fill them with coins and place them at state houses around the country;  
  • Creative, community art-based approaches to highlighting important issues, including #KIDSEPA, in which children were able to express their appreciation for the natural world through artwork that was then delivered, in book form, to our Senators and Congressman. This program was subsequently replicated by many Mass Audubon sanctuaries across the state;
  • Letters to the Editor campaigns;
  • Election-oriented actions such as Flipping Districts, Wolf PAC, cavassing/phone banking for candidates that we support (both locally and nationally), and partnering with Sister District.

Music & Poetry

  • Marika Whitaker Performs "Who" by John Francis (part 1), June 6, 2017 (YouTube)
  • Marika Whitaker Performs "Who" by John Francis (part 2) (YouTube)
  • Marika Whitaker, Mikaila Bennett and Liv Chorlian perform "One Voice" by the Wailin' Jennys, May 2, 2017 (YouTube)
  • Marika Whitaker performs her original song, "The Peoples' Oath", September 5, 2017 (YouTube)
  • Eve Moore performs original poetry from her upcoming collection subtitled "Found Poems for Lost Times", July 11, 2017 (YouTube)
  • Children perform "We the People", the Constitution Preamble lyrics, October 3, 2017 (YouTube)

Gubernatorial Candidates

A good song reminds us what we're fighting for.

Pete Seeger