We subscribe to Thomas Jefferson’s belief that “an educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people," and so are committed to reinvigorating our understanding of the mechanisms of democracy.  


Monthly Meeting Guest Speakers

November: Michael Fairbanks

Photo of Michael Fairbanks

Harvard Business School author Michael Fairbanks will be speaking to us on November 14 on the topic inspiring his new book: "Getting America Right: Why It’s Important for the Rest of the World, Too"

October - Bob Massie

Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Bob Massie spoke with EC#6 on Tuesday, October 3rd. 

See his speech at the links below:

Video 1

Video 2

October Learn About: Jackson Brown - Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Our learn about session on 10/3 hosted a guest speaker from the organization "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America." Jackson is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and was able to impart that wisdom on us all.  Click here to watch Jackson's presentation. 

September: Gus Bickord

Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Gus Bickford also serves on the Democratic National Committee’s Transition Advisory Committee, the team charged with providing concrete suggestions and advice on building a Party that reaches into and represents every corner of the nation.

Click here to watch the video of Gus' talk with EC#6.


July: Jay Gonzalez

Photograph of Jay Gonzalez

Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez spoke with EC#6 on Tuesday, July 11th. 



June: Danielle Carman

Deputy Director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Durham, NC. Carman discussed SCJC’s successes and current litigation surrounding voter rights and redistricting in North Carolina and throughout the South.

Click here for full slideshow presentation.  

"Learn about..."

September: “Ranked Choice Voting” with Voter Choice MA Executive Director Adam Friedman

Learn about Voter Choice MA, a movement of volunteers dedicated to educating the public about Ranked Choice Voting to transform politics in Massachusetts.

Click here to watch a video of Adam's presentation


July: Kernan Manion, MD: “Propaganda and Political Marketing”

May: Judith Reilly, “Gerrymandering”

Documentary Screenings

Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point

Fix It Title Image

Presented in partnership with Essex County #6 Indivisible, 6th District for Affordable Healthcare and Cape Ann Cinema, this film explores how one business owner tackled the problems he faced in an effort to provide health insurance for his employees. The movie is a result of his journey to find a solution to the dysfunctional US healthcare system.

Big Pharma: Market Failure (coming soon)

Big Pharma: Market Failure explores the problem of extreme drug prices in the US and how drug cost impacts on the public, on businesses and the overall US economy.

Ongoing: Crash Course Government in Politics

Short, quirky PBS Digital Shorts shared weekly to refresh our basic civic knowledge.

EC6 Reads

A browsing table that enables members to share books, order items of interest from the local Book Store of Gloucester, return home with their originals after the meeting and pick up their order when convenient.